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Requirement of good building stones.

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This post discusses the various requirements of a good building stone. The following are the qualities of the stones used in the building construction:

Compressive strength:  The compressive strength or the crushing strength of the stone is tested with the help of a crushing strength testing machine and for a good building stone the value should not be less than 100N/mm2. 
The various igneous rocks and the metamorphic rocks have the required amount of the strength that is why some of them makes it up to as a building stone.

 Appearance:  The stones should have a homogeneous color and should be resistant to the weathering agencies. The stone used in the face work should be of decent appearance. The color of the stone chosen should be according to the surrounding environment.
The light colored stones are preferred because they are weathering resistant. A good building stone is of uniform color and do not possess any clay spots or other color spots.

 Durability:  In general durabi…

Civil Engineering materials -Stone

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The materials which are used in the building construction are known as the Civil Engineering materials or the building materials or the construction materials. It is important for a Civil Engineer to know about the various properties of the materials before they are used in the construction work.
The various civil engineering materials like the stone, brick, cement, ceremic, timber, iron, paints etc are divided into different categories according to their characteristics.

In general the civil engineering materials can be divided into three categories 1. Cementing materials  like cement, lime and mortar.  2. Finishing materials like paint, plaster tiles etc. 3. Hard materials like stone, bricks, timber etc.
The building materials are not only used in the construction industry but they are used in every field of the engineering so there are the chances that our country may face the scarcity of the building materials in the near f…