Friday, December 6, 2013

Fly Ash as a Road Material

What is Fly ash?
Fly ash is a waste material obtained from the furnaces, which use the coal as a fuel for energy. Fly ash particles are spherical in shape and they fly from the plant and if not captured will pollute the surroundings. So, this is not only waste material but a pollutant.

Can we use Fly ash for useful works?
It was hoped that fly ash will make a good material because it has cementing properties when mixed with right proportions of different materials and can be used as a road material for the stabilization of the sub-grade and to replace the cement in cement concrete roads.
Tests were conducted at Civil Engineering department, NIT Hamirpur in the year 2009 by three final year students under their major project and a very big report was prepared to give you the detailed report.

How to get the report?
Well, just contact me through the email or leave a comment and I will tell you the procedure for that.

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