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Need for new Civil Engineering materials.

I search my books for the various civil engineering material, and they provide me the information and the techniques to produce and use the materials like, cement, bricks, tiles, timber, steel, paints and varnishes, and stones etc. These are the materials which are used worldwide for the construction of the houses or any other buildings and the massive structures.
Now if we look at the procedures to get the materials like cement, then you will see that it needs the clay, limestone and few other materials in smaller proportion, and then it needs a lot of heat energy to burn this mix at a very high temperature.  This temperature is gained with the help of the burning fuels like coal, which is a non-renewable resource of energy.
The coal on burning produces a large amount the pollutants. The gases which are released with the burning of this material are very much harmful for the environment and ultimately to this whole earth. It is not hidden from anybody then the production of the …