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BIS: 712 -1984 Classification of Lime

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Introduction- Lime as a cementing material: Lime has been used as a cementing material since the ancient times  in India and abroad. Ancient Ezyptians and Romans used this material for various constructional processes. Even in India, various engineering structures like palaces, bridges, temples etc were constructed with lime mortar and still are in shape. After the invention of cement in 1824 lime has been replaced by the cement to a large extent, however it is still used at certain places, like for the repairing of the structures which were originally built with the lime mortar and at the places where lime is freely available and cement has its acute shortage.
Classification of Lime: Broadly lime is classified into three categories: (1) Fat Lime   (2) Hydraulic lime  (3) Poor Lime

(1) Fat Lime/Pure Lime:-  Fat lime is also known as pure lime, white lime or rich lime, this is manufactured using the purest form of the limestone. It …

Vicat's Apparatus - Consistency and Setting Time of Cement

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Vicat's Apparatusis used to find out the consistency, initial setting time and final setting time of the cement. In the normal consistency test we have to find out the amount of water to be added to the cement to form a cement paste of normal consistency.  Vicat's apparatus consists of an arrangement to hold the plunger of 10 mm diameter and two other needles which are made to freely fall into a mould filled with the cement paste and the amount of penetration of the needles of plunder can can be noted using the vertical graduations from 0 mm to 50 mm.   Consistency Test: 
To find out the consistency test you have to take a sample of dried cement of about 400 g weight which must pass through the 90 micron IS Sieve. Then mix in it about 25% of  water by weight a form a uniform paste withing 2 minutes of time.
 Fill the Vicat's mould with this paste and make the 10 mm plunger fixed to the arrangement to just touch the to…