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Why Timber is obsolete these days? what are the conditions under which timber is desirable to be used?
Well, timber is one of the building materials known to the mankind. Before man realized the other materials, timber was used throughout the world as the construction material, perhaps the few of materials known to man. Today timber is used as for beams, columns, piles, roofings, bridges, trusses, doors and windows.
In places like Kashmir, where timber is available in abundance, it is widely used for almost every construction work, but now-a-days for important construction works, use of timber has become obsolete due to the following reasons:

Steel components are cheaper.Timber components require often frequent renewal. There is often difficulty and considerable delay in securing the desired quality, sizes and lengths of timber.Timber components are liable to be caught by fire. In this regard steel has the maximum advantage. Inspite of the disadvantages listed above,…