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Garsa Stone -A Construction Material found in Kullu

Garsa is a place near to Bajaura, Bhunter at a distance of about 8 km from Bajaura. Recently I was nearby to this place and was told about the mine, a source of the famous Garsa stone.
This stone can be extracted in the form of layers, both sides finished in a perfect manner suitable to use as the wall surfaces.
Vinod, my neighbour cum friend is the resident of the nearby village, has used this stone on the walls of his home.

His home looks quite beautiful with these stone finished surfaced walls. While coming back from Bhunter to Sunder Nagar I observed a number of houses which used the same stone as a surface finish material for the walls of their houses.
I was told by Vinod that the main advantage of using this stone is that its color doesn't fade away with time, so you don't have to replace it with time. Another great advantage is its natural aesthetic appearance.

Here is the photo showing the wall finished with the Garsa Stone available only at Garsa in Kullu distric…