Wednesday, January 23, 2013


Plywood is a timber product, which is manufactured by many timber industries. It is made by gluing together 3 or more than 3 numbers of the veneer sheets. It is generally of 3mm or more than 3mm thickness. It is used to make the tables, chairs, beds, and many other furniture products.
Manufacturing Steps:  (1) Veneering (2) Gluing (3) Stacking (4) pressing/Loading (5)  Finishing

(1) Veneering: It is process of producing the veneer sheets from the timber logs. Veneer are the thin sheets, which are get by cutting the logs in a specific manner.
(2) Gluing: Veneer sheets are glued together, the number of sheets depends upon the required thickness. 
(3) Stacking :  The glued sheets are stacked in a specific manner to make them ready for the loading.
(4) Pressing/Loading: The glued sheets are pressed under a heavy pressure so then they are glued together with more strength. The application of load can be done at high temperature or it may be done at low temperature. Accordingly it is known as the hot pressing and cold pressing.
(5) Finishing is done by polishing the surface, with the required polishing material to give it a smooth and shining surface.

Plywood are provided with good surfacing and are make water  proof. They give a better appearance, so it is used in the decoration purposes.

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