Monday, August 12, 2013

Uses of Stones

Uses of Stones:
The stones are used in the construction of buildings from the ancient times and most of the ancient temples, forts and mosques of India were built with stones as the major material. The Taj Mahal, Red Fort, Jama Masjid, Parliament house and Rashtrapati Bhawan at Delhi and various other prominent structures spread throughout the length and breadth of our country furnish us the awesome examples of uses of the stone as building material. At present, they are largely used as the basic material for the manufacturing of the other construction materials like concrete, bricks etc.
Following are the various uses to which stones are employed:-
  1. Structural elements: The stones are used for foundations, walls, columns, lintels, roofs, floor, damp proof courses etc.
  2. Facing: The stones are adopted to give massive appearance to the structure. The walls are of bricks and facing is done in stones of desired shades. This is known as the composite masonry.
  3. Paving: The stones are used to cover floor of buildings of various types such as residential, commercial, industrial etc. They are also adopted to form paving of roads, footpaths etc.
  4. Basic Material: The stones are disintegrated and converted to form a basic material for cement concrete, murum of roads, calcareous cements, artificial stones, hollow blocks etc.
    Miscellaneous uses : In addition to the above uses the stones are also used as:
  1. Ballast for railways,
  2. Blocks in construction of bridges, piers, abutments, retaining walls, light houses, dams etc.
  3. Flux in blast furnaces.
Stones are losing their popularity as the building material because of the following reasons:

  1. The dressing of stones proves to be tough, laborious and time consuming.
  2. The stones of desired strength and quality are not easily available at reasonable rates, especially in plain areas.
  3. The alternatives to stones namely, R.C.C. and steel have proved to be stronger, less bulky, more durable and more suitable for present day construction of multistory and important buildings.
  4. The structures constructed of stones cannot be rationally designed as in case of R.C.C. or steel structures.   

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