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Manufacturing of Bricks -part II (Moulding and Drying)


Preparation of the brick clay is already discussed in the earlier post, is this post I am going to discuss the second operation of brick manufacturing i.e. Moulding

Moulding: Moulding of the bricks into the proper shape and size can be done manually with the hands or it can be done with the help of machines. Hand moulding can take more time as compare to the machine moulding. Hand moulding is employed when the cheap labor available to us and less numbers of bricks are required to be manufactured and machine moulding can be employed when the labor is costly and the large numbers of bricks are required. Machine moulding is more accurate than the hand moulding.

Hand Moulding: It is again can be done in the following two manners:
(a) Moulding on the ground.
(b) Moulding on the table

In hand moulding on the ground following instruments are used:
       (a) Mould
       (b) Pallet
       (c) Strike
       (d) Clay
Mould of the size about 10 to 12% greater dimensions than the standard brick size for the allowance of the shrinkage of the brick, is used which can be made either of the seasoned wood or with the steel plates and the angle. Pallet is used to in-script the frog in the bricks. Frog is necessary for the proper bonding of the bricks and for the advertisement of the manufacturer.
Strike is used to strike off the excess clay from the top of the mould after it is filled with the brick. Following procedure is followed to carry the moulding of the bricks on the ground:
 First of all a dried plane ground is chosen on which dry sand is sprinkled to check the adherence of the brick clay to the ground. mould with the pallet is put on the ground. Clay is taken in lumps in hands and it is slashed on the mould with force so that every corner of the mould is filled with the clay. Excess of clay is struck off with the strike which can be wooden or wired. Mould is turned upside down and it is removed leaving the moulded brick in its place. It is kept at a near place and whole procedure is followed again.

Hand moulding on the table: Here the moulding is done on the table which is generally of the size 2 m * 1m. It may take somewhat longer time than the ground moulding.

Machine Moulding : As the name suggests, machine moulding is carried out with the help of a machine. It produces them in faster rate and in a better shape than that in the hand moulding.

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