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Manufacturing of Bricks - Part I (Preparation of brick clay)

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Manufacturing of bricks
Selection of the brick field:
Selection of the brick field where you have to establish your small scale  industry is done correctly when you check the following things:

  1.  Site should be well connected with the road transportation facilities so as to transport your product.
  2. There should be plenty of the clay available which is to be used for the manufacturing of the bricks.
  3. All the necessary facilities for the workers should be checked and made available before starting the work.
  4. Site should be of plane topography.
After the site selection and establishing the plant you can carry the manufacturing process in the following four processes:

  •  Preparation of the brick earth
  •  Moulding
  • Drying
  • Burning

  • Preparation of the brick clay:  
Preparation of the brick clay can be done by completing the following processes:
(1) Un-soiling
(2) Digging
(3) Cleaning
(4) Weathering
(5) Blending
(6) Tempering

(Ref: Civil Engineering materials by Rangawala)
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